Headless Commerce comes to Shopify

Headless Commerce comes to Shopify

Before we can properly explain what Hydrogen is, we must first understand the Headless Commerce concept.  

In a monolithic eComerce model, the frontend, backend, & all functions existed together.  That is, websites, mobile applications and social media platforms would pass data to the storefront (front end). 



There are scenarios where having the ability to abstract the front end and the back end is beneficial.  For example:  A storefront could run on a custom piece of hardware such as a refrigerator with a touch screen.   In essence, the frontend and backend are independent. 




Hydrogen is a framework containing a number of library components, hooks & utilities. 

         Hydrogen is the framework that allows developers to create custom storefronts through the headless commerce model.  Storefronts  can run on websites, mobile apps, video games, , smart devices, etc.